Oeuvre indisponible à la vente, elle a été proposée dans le cadre des expositions "INAUGURAL EXHIBITION AT THE REINE JEANNE PAVILION" , ""

Jeune fille à la tresse

Oil on canvas, signed upper left.
50 x 40 cm

Provenance : 
Private collection, Portugal

Notice of inclusion in the archives intended for the development of the artist's catalog raisonné established by Ms. Marie-Anne Destrebecq-Martin.

This painting, in both its brushwork and palette, is fairly representative of some of Henri Martin's work. In profile, her head bowed, her gaze absorbed in her hands and her work, a young girl in a pale dress stands out against a sketchy green background.

This type of portrait is not uncommon in the artist's work. Male or female, these models, studied in their attitude, are most often preparatory works for large-scale compositions. The painter first considers them individually, before placing them in the chosen setting and associating them with other figures.