Inaugural exhibition of the Pentcheff Gallery

Giulia Pentcheff

Publication year 2015
Number of pages 120
Format 21 x 21 cm
ISBN 9791094462027

Through this catalog published during the inaugural exhibition of the Galerie Alexis Pentcheff in October 2015, the reader is invited to discover the splendor of Provence in all its facets. From the landscapes of drought that accompany the harshness of the rural life of Emile Loubon, from the shores of the Mediterranean where a timeless sea breeze blows with Raphaël Ponson, to the bright colors that Pierre Ambrogiani loved so much, this catalog allows us to travel through the land which has attracted the greatest artists for centuries. The journey then continues in space, with Provencal painters attacking modernity. We then move away from the singular nature of the Midi to discover other landscapes: the city of Marseille with Joseph Inguimberty, Paris, its districts and its inhabitants with Auguste Chabaud, before returning to the sea: Henri Person, Alfred Marquet , Charles Camoin, and others still invite us to discover the coast and the Port of Marseille, so emblematic of the city. Finally, the catalog is oriented towards the exotic and invites us to Asia, where we discover landscapes, portraits, scenes of life, painted by Victor Tardieu, Joespeh Inguimberty, or even André Maire, in order to end this trip with a total change of scenery.