Gaston Suisse

L'Art du laque

Giulia Pentcheff

Publication year 2020
Number of pages 119
Format 21 x 21 cm
ISBN 9791094462096

Gaston Suisse takes us into an incredible garden with precious accents, where frolic freely, in gold and silver foliage, a differentiated multitude of species, whose anatomical characteristics are so many motifs to deploy, in a infinite range of material and tone variations. 

This refinement finds its most accomplished expression in a very particular technique which, since Asia has conquered the West: the art of lacquer, which Gaston Suisse will appropriate to design a modern and original mode of expression, particularly innovative. During an exhibition, the gallery was happy to pay tribute to the absolute delicacy of Gaston Suisse, to the way in which he knew how to use lacquer, a technique that was laborious by nature, to tame it gently, like the animals of his compositions, to imprint on him the mark of his deep sensitivity, at the same time as all the elegance of a master of Art Deco.