La femme sous le regard des artistes

Giulia Pentcheff

Publication year 2014
Number of pages 80
Format 21 x 21 cm
ISBN 9782954035871

In the course of summer 2014, the gallery had dedicated an exhibition to the female figure. The woman seen under different sensibilities and at different times was thus honored under the brush of artists: Charles Landelle, Yvonne Herzig, Emile Bernard, Alfred Lombard, Moïse Kisling, Henri Manguin, Berthe Morisot, Pierre Bonnard, Gustave Lino, Paul-César Helleu, Jean-Gabriel Domergue, Jean-Louis Forain, Emile Deckers, Etienne Dinet... and through a selection of Nanas by Niki de Saint-Phalle. The feminine form has always been inspiring in plastic representation, and under multiple aspects. The artistic image of the woman is primarily a reflection of the mores of the time of its birth; it is long a function of the modes, the canons of beauty that determine its appearance. However, it is also invested of a more subjective dimension, since it carries, to a certain extent, the print of the sensitivity of its creator. Before the XXth century, or at least the end of the XIXth century, the question is almost not asked... The artist who, with his brush, does not finish exploring the mysteries of femininity, is obviously a man. And the image that he creates, as captive as it can be of the context of his creation, conceals necessarily for a part the expression of his desire.