(1881 - 1969)

Marcel Poggioli was born in Marseille where his father, originally from Carbuccia, had moved to be a sailor. The young Paggioli studies at the Beaux-Arts (university of fine arts) in Marseille and then completes his artistic education with a trip to Florence and Rome. Subsequently, he studies briefly at the École Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris before moving back to his hometown, Marseille. He participates in multiple solo and group exhibitions in the city while his work is regularly shown in Parisian salons. Paggioli receives an important commission based both in Marseille and Corsica, for which he produces decorative works. Besides, the artist frequently illustrates magazines and books. In 1921, Paggioli is appointed professor at the Beaux-Arts in Marseille. There, he teaches drawing and decorative art until 1948. Deeply attached to Corsica, the painter lives in between Marseille and Ajaccio and rearranges his flat in a studio. He also owns a house in between Porto and Sagone, where the painter will move in the 1950s. Today, Marcel Poggioli is recognised as a Mediterranean painter, led by the southern light.