Connaissance des Arts

Fascinated by Picasso, César wanted to pay homage to him with the “Centaur”, a sculpture he considered to be one of the most complex he had ever made.

In her article published in the last number of Connaissance des Arts, Françoise Chauvin, returns to the central place of this work in the sculptor's production.

"The Centaur is the successful but painful result of a long process that has given me many hesitations and doubts. I also wanted through this monument to convey my emotions and my feelings, my doubts, my certainties and also my loneliness as I reached the autumn of my life. How many times have I had to take the "right distance" to escape from myself, lose sight of myself and come back with a new vision; in total it took me three years to make and break all the parts of the Centaur. Through this sculpture, I sought to achieve perfection as a kind of immortality.It is my favorite work of which I keep near my bed a bronze model as a faithful companion who shares the most intimate moments of my life. life ".