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Sarah, founder of the website dedicated to design, devotes an article and a beautiful photo report to the retrospective.

Following her visit during the opening of the exhibition "César | marseillais", presented at the Alexis Pentcheff gallery from June 1 to July 12, Sarah, founder of the website dedicated to design and culture Best Archi Design, devotes an article and a very nice photo report at the retrospective.

"César Baldaccini, known under the name of César, is a major artist of the 20th century, who continues to exert a striking influence on the contemporary scene today. His artistic heritage, César cultivates it of masters such as Picasso, González, Duchamp or Giacometti. Thanks to this exceptional event at the Alexis Pentcheff gallery, the city of Marseille, which has abandoned the project of having a museum dedicated to the local child, will finally be able to appreciate all of Caesar's creative power. "