Shepard FAIREY at La Signoria, Calvi

OBEY is exhibited in Corsica

For this third year of collaboration, Galerie Alexis Pentcheff and La Signoria - Relais & Châteaux hotel nestled in the heart of the Isle of Beauty in Calvi - have chosen to present an American artist, Shepard Fairey, also known as "Obey ", from the urban and underground scene of Los Angeles.

This exhibition is also supported by a partnership with the GHOST gallery in Marseille, specializing in American graffiti from the 80s - 90s and the avant-garde of the East Side of New York. However, Shepard Fairey's work goes beyond American borders. She is now an integral part of our environment: from album covers to thousands of posters stuck clandestinely to her murals in our urban settings, they enter public space and directly impact our lives. In 2008, Obey painted the portrait of Barack Obama during his presidential campaign, which marked a definite turning point in his career as an artist and activist. This poster, HOPE, becomes an icon, imbued with hope and a symbol of revolution. Obey then gained international attention and found himself in media around the world.

The Signoria hotel, a privileged setting for an exhibition

In an intimate and privileged setting, designed as a house to live in, the owners of La Signoria strive to transmit the soul and Corsican traditions both in the finesse of their fittings and decorations and in the personalized welcome they reserve. to their customers.
Collectors and great art lovers, they also wish to offer temporary and thematic exhibitions to their visitors in a process of sharing and exchange.