From June 12, 2021
to October 1, 2021

The gallery is thrilled to announce its upcoming exhibition dedicated to Simon Frankart, aka Petites Luxures, at the prestigious hotel La Signoria in Calvi. With more than 70 original works, this event runs from June 12 to October 1, 2021. It will gather works on paper but also exclusive paintings.

Petites Luxures, was born on Instagram in 2014 and now has over 1.3 million followers. Behind this global phenomenon, there is a man, a former graphic designer, and an advertising executive, Simon Frankart. The origins of this project recall those of famous figures; bedridden with the flu, Simon draws. However, paralyzed by the slowness of his body, he does not have the strength to finish his sketches. In this chase of full and empty spaces, his mind imprisoned in a motionless body awakens and finally finds its line, in impertinence and suggestion.

Quickly the "likes" and subscriptions follow one another on the social network. In front of a surge of images on Instagram, these enigmatic works, hold our thumb. In a suspended moment, we must take the time to look at these lines, to savor them, and assimilate a clever game of semantics. While on Instagram, erotic images are not rare, here the point is to unveil the cheekiness of empty spaces. The daily publications of Petites Luxures have henceforth become a moment of pleasure, an intimate rendezvous shared with thousands of people around the world.

In Corsica


Corse Matin