From January 21, 2017
to January 29, 2017

For its third participation in the BRAFA Brussels fair, from January 21 to 29, 2017, the Alexis Pentcheff gallery had exhibited an exclusive selection dedicated to three particularly appreciated artists:

Lebasque. En aparté.
"Each painting of Henri Lebasque is a window open on his world. 
And on the world... a sensitive representation, where the visible is the support of the invisible. 
In each window, the resurrection of a lost moment emerges, that of the artist's family happiness. In both cases - whether we have lived this moment in the past, or whether we deplore never having known it - that image is always, deep down, and at the same time, a little painful and beautiful."
Around "Madame Lebasque et Marthe à la fontaine de la Villa Demière", about twenty works had been selected, highlighting the unique qualities of this painter.

Henri Martin (1860-1943)
We were also pleased to present a selection of works by the great painter Henri Martin, from Collioure to Venice... 
Paintings imbued with an intense and luminous vibration, which were able to warm up the Brussels winter.

René Gruau (1909-2004)
The success of the exhibition at the gallery dedicated to the incredible 20th-century artist René Gruau led us to present about fifty new pieces, which came to illuminate our installation with this particular trait of French humor and elegance.