From April 28, 2018
to September 23, 2018

After the first exhibition in Marseille in 2013, Ben and Alexis Pentcheff gallery decided to renew their collaboration in a completely new context, a beautiful hotel surrounded by mind-blowing Corsican landscapes. With more than thirty paintings and art installations, this exhibition brings together iconic and exclusive works directly from the artist’s studio, all available to buy.

Ben Vautier, aka Ben, lives and work in Nice. He was a member of the Fluxus group as well as the School of Nice and was close to the Nouveaux Réalistes. Famous for his text-based paintings, his cursive writing and daring messages may be linked to the art movement called Lettrism. In his work, Ben challenges the notion of art, but also universal ideas on life, death and ego.

In this show, Ben’s postmodern reflections encounter the breathtaking natural setting of La Signoria, which reveals new perspectives in his work. In this magical place, almost suspended in time, visitors are invited to live a sensory experience. Hence, the works are released from institutional authority and dynamics of the metropolises. Along this path, each painting is a surprise, a discovery in a daily journey, which suggests a complete freedom of interpretation outside of a traditional exhibition space.