From September 18, 2018
to October 18, 2018

The gallery is pleased to present an exclusive collection of thirty-six works on paper produced during André Maire's first trip to Indochina between 1919 and 1921.

We have here a rare opportunity to discover through these few sheets what held the attention of the artist during his first stay in Asia, which will be decisive for the rest of his career and his life. Two years and six months were more than enough time for the young artist to penetrate the Indochinese soul, to immerse himself in a philosophy of life, a spirituality and an atmosphere very different from those in which he grew up. The young artist was fascinated by the mysticism of Angkor, where nature blends so intimately with the buildings of human faith. Spirituality, embodied in architecture as well as in nature, is one of the great themes that will define the entire work of André Maire.